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Rummikub Classic

Played with 106 tiles (1 to 13 in 4 different colours), the object of the game is to go ‘Rummikub’ being the first player to place all the tiles from their rack onto the table. For 2 to 4 players.

Age 7+


john adams rummikub classic othello classic the london board game the great game of britain

Othello Classic

Othello takes a minute to learn and lifetime to master! It’s the internationally acclaimed two player strategy game.

Trap and capture your opponent by placing your disks on the board.  “Sandwich” at least one of your opponent’s pieces to turn their disk to your colour….but look out, your opponent will do the same to you.  The lead can change with the flip of a disk in this classic fast-paced strategy game.

Age 7+


The London Board Game

The classic race through London’s underground. Be the first commuter to travel to each of your landmarks and get back to your start station. Watch out for station closures and hazards. 2 to 6 players.

Age 7+


The Great Game of Britain

A nostalgic race around the historic railway networks of Britain. Choose your 6 secret destination cards and get ready for an exciting trip! The winner is the first person to commute from the main line station of their choice to their 6 secret destinations – so be sure to plan a very clever and careful trip around Britain.

Roll a 6 on the die and open or close a station of your choice, watch out for the hazards, every time you change a line you must pick one up, sending you exactly where you don’t want to go!

Age 7+


triominos junior triominos sunshine linkee


Welcome to Linkee 3, the latest edition of the shouty-out quiz game. This time it’s crammed full of cards by you and crafted by us.

Whether you’re a Linkee pro or a newbie, your mission is the same: work out what links the four answers and yell Linkee before anyone else.

All aboard Linkee 3!

Now with red and yellow cards to keep the players in order.

Age 12+


Triominos Excel

Triominos adds a third dimension to the classic game of dominoes. Its a true family game  the combination of luck and skill means that kids can beat their parents fair and square (or should we say, fair and triangular?!)Triominos Excel includes 76 solid triangular tiles (including 20 extra) and 6 holding racks.For 2-6 players.

Age 6+


triominos excell

Triominos Junior

Triomino Junior is an exciting, fast-paced game where colour and number matching are key.

Triominos Junior was designed to teach children colour, number recognition and develop basic strategy concepts. Lay Triominos by correctly matching the colour and numbers on the sides of your tile with any already on the table that they touch. Gain the greatest amount of reward counters to win!

2 levels of play


36 Triominos

60 rewrad counters

4 racks


Age 3+


Triominos Sunshine

Triominos Sunshine is a bright and colourful version of the classic game of Triominos.

Comes in a handy zipped ouch so that you can take it anywhere you go.

Age 6+


grabola 7ate9 pointz rubiks cube 3x3 rummikub travel

Rummikub Travel

Played in exactly the same way as the classic set, just with smaller tiles! For 2 to 4 player.

Age 7+



Prove that you have the best eyes and fastest hands at the table to succeed at Grabolo! A roll of the dice determines the combination of colour and shape playing pieces that you have to grab, so react quickly.

Find the match and grab it fast!



36 playing pieces

2 dice


Age 4+



7ate9 is a race to get rid of your cards! Add or subtract 1,2 or 3 to the number shown on the card pile to see if you have a card that can be placed next. Sounds easy, but when everyone is racing and playing cards, the numbers are always changing.

Contents: 1 x storage egg, 73 playing cards and instructions.

Age 8+



Pointz is the classic games you know with a spin! Can you beat the spinner? Race against the spinner with game challenges that make you move, speak, act, think, look and react to win the point! The player with the most Pointz cards wins.

Contents: Pointz spinner and game cards.

Age 6+


Rubik's Cube

The Rubik’s Cube is a classic colour-matching puzzle that can be enjoyed at home or on the move. The original, classic 3×3 Cube is a highly addictive brain teaser that has fascinated fans all around the world for decades.

The Rubik’s Cube features six different sides, each made up of nine colourful squares. A must for puzzle lovers, the aim is to twist and turn the Rubik’s Cube to its original state, with every side having one solid colour.

There are… wait for it… 43,252,003,274,489,856,000  (43 quintillion ) ways of arranging the squares, and only one of these is the solution. Can you solve it?

The new and improved Rubik’s Cube features a mechanism that results in a smoother, faster and more reliable play. The traditional stickers have been replaced with plastic tiles which means no fading, peeling or cheating!

Age 8+