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playfoam 8 pack glow in the dark playfoam 4 pack classic discovery prism

Discovery Prism

Divide light into colour instantly! High-quality plastic 10cm optical prism divides white light into a colourful spectrum. Activity Guide included.

Age 4+


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learning resources


mathlink cube activity set play money calculator cash register

Mathlink Cubes

This versatile activity set includes everything you need to support early maths skills development.

Colourful activity cards and stackable MathLink Cubes combine to develop a variety of basic numeracy skills:

Patterning and sequencing

Sorting and grouping

Early arithmetic: addition, subtraction and multiplication

Size recognition

Colour recognition



Visually appealing cards provide engaging, hands-on activities to keep young learners interested

Encourages positional language and direction

Activity set includes:

15 double-sided activity cards

100 MathLink Cubes in ten colours

Ideal solo or group activity

Provides independent learning opportunities

Cubes measure 2cm D

Age 3+


UK Play Money

Develop coin value recognition and early financial awareness with this assortment of teaching coins and notes, all featuring up-to-date designs.

Educational play coins and notes are HM treasury approved

Realistic looking play money is ideal for teaching money recognition

Use the assortment of coin values in hands-on maths activities to develop money-related equivalency skills

Play money can be used in imaginative play activities to encourage early financial awareness

Set includes 96 pieces:

10 of each coin value (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 pieces)

Four of each note (£5, £10, £20 and £50)

£1 coins, £5 and £10 notes feature new 2017 designs

£20 notes feature new 2020 design

Age 3+


Calculator Cash Register

This sturdy toy cash register is ideal for sparking imaginations and introducing early maths skills as children play shops with their friends.

Imaginative play helps develop early language and social skills through play

Engaging toy cash register with encourage early maths skills and money recognition through play

Large buttons are ideally sized for little hands

This UK currency set includes:

Toy cash register with working cash drawer


Pretend credit card

44 play money pieces: 5 each of £50, £20, £10 and £5 notes, 5 each of 2p and 1p pieces, 4 x 5p pieces and 2 each of £2, £1, 50p, 20p and 10p pieces

Cash drawer makes a "cha-ching" sound when used

Cash register features a working solar powered calculator to extend the learning

Clear digital display helps engage young learners

Toy cash register measures 26cm W x 24cm L

Age 3-7


primary science jumbo magnefiers primary science mighty magnets

Mighty Magnets

Experiment, discover and learn with this set of six super-strong, child-friendly magnets ideal for early science learning.

Find out how magnets work and more with these durable, horseshoe-shaped magnets.

Chunky, robust design makes them easy for little hands to hold.

Each is magnetically correct with one foot north and one foot south.

Ideal for teaching the magnetic properties of polarity, attraction, and repulsion in the classroom or at home.

Use the magnets with each other to demonstrate properties and set up fun STEM activities such as sorting bins with items that are and aren’t attracted to magnets.

Set has six magnets in bright colours: purple, red, yellow, green, blue, and orange.

Measures 12.5cm H.

Age 3+

£4.50 each

Jumbo Magnifiers

Extra-large jumbo magnifiers, perfect for small hands

4.5x magnification

Perfect for taking a closer look at plants, animals and insects

Built-in stands allow for hands-free viewing

Each primary science magnifier measures 20cm L

Set of Six: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple and Blue

Age 3+

£4.50 each


Playfoam® is the ultimate squishing sculpting sensation that’s fun for children and adults. Shape Playfoam into anything you can imagine, then squash it down and start all over again. Playfoam only sticks to itself (not hair, clothes or carpet) and never dries out so the sculpting fun never ends. It’s ready to use straight from the packaging for hours of squishing, shaping fun.

playfoam 4 pack glow in the dark playfoam 4 pack sparkle playfoam 8 pack combo


4 Pack Original

Age 3+



4 Pack Glow in the Dark

Age 3+



4 Pack Sparkle

Age 3+



8 Pack Combo

Age 3+


playfoam go playfoam go sandcasdtle playfoam individual pods


8 Pack Glow in the Dark

Age 3+



Individual Pods

Age 3+

£1.99 each


Playfaom Go

Age 3+

£16.99 each


Playfaom Go Castle

Age 3+

£19.99 each

playfoam pals magic unicorn playfoam pals wild friends playfoam pet party


Playfoam Pals Pet Party

Age 3+

£3.99 each


Playfoam Pals Wild Party

Age 3+

£3.99 each


Unicorn Magic

Age 3+

£3.99 each

playfoam pluffle purple playfoam pluffle yellow playfoam puffle blue playfoam puffle green playfoam puffle pink

Playfoam Pluffle

Squish it! Squash it! Watch it flow and deconstruct. Mesmerizing mixable Playfoam Pluffle™ is the latest squish-sensation.

Children can mix together feel-good fluffy Playfoam Pluffle colours to create cool combinations, then give it a squish, release and watch it flow and deconstruct

Squishing, pinching, squeezing and smushing Playfoam Pluffle develops hand strength

Feel-good fluffy texture promotes tactile learning

Mesmerizing, lava lamp-like flow encourages concentration

Use straight from the tube for immediate squish play opportunities

Child-friendly formula ensures safe creative play for children

Stain-free, non-sticky, never dries out

Age 5+

£7.50 each

playfoam puffle red