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Secret Decoder

Deluxe Activity Set

You can crack codes, uncover hidden clues, reveal secret messages, and be a super sleuth with this deluxe kit! Featuring 3 unique activity books (Secret Decoder, Seek & Find, and Secret Message), 2 magic-reveal sticker sheets, 2 decoder wheels, 2 color-change markers, an invisible-ink marker, and a seek & find lens. Crack the codes and complete the puzzles to solve dozens of mini mysteries

Age 7+


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secret decoder deluxe activity set secret decoder game book pots and pans set stainless steel cooking utensils set

Secret Decoder

On the Go

This exciting spy activity book has 18 pages of codes to crack and whodunits to solve. A few turns of the included decoder wheel--bound right into the book and visible from every page--will help young detectives complete each challenge as they put their deductive skills to the test! To uncover even more case-busting clues, sneaky double agents, and hidden treasure, a magic-reveal pen is included, giving every page plenty of play value. It all stores neatly within the tab-close covers--perfect for spies on the go.

Age 7+


Stainless Steel Pots & Pans Set

This play set features shiny stainless steel cookware Mom and Dad would envy! Generously sized (5-inch diameter) for a more realistic look and feel, the colander and three pans (with interchangeable lid) fit most play food items for exciting restaurant and kitchen play, and store neatly on a convenient storage rack when the kitchen is closed. All of the handles and knobs feature sturdy riveted joints that won't weaken and wear like welding or glue. With two hardwood utensils included

Age 3+


Utensils Set

This 7-piece set brings a professional touch to play kitchens! Six sturdy utensils, made of stainless steel and wood, are generously sized to offer a pleasingly realistic effect for little chefs. And all of the tools-including whisk, ladle, slotted spoon, spaghetti server, and wooden spoon-fit in a metal holder to bring a shining touch to pretend play

Age 3+


hand puppets dinosaurs hand puppets farm hand puppets playful pets hand puppets zoo

Hand Puppets

Dinosaur Friends, Farm Friends, Playful Pets, Zoo Friends

This four-piece hand-puppet set makes it easy for kids and caregivers to role-play together! Four simple glove puppets in a coordinated theme can act out a scene together, or be used separately for simple puppet play. Either way, they are great for developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, self-confidence, parent-child bonding, and so much more! Made with brightly patterned, washable fabrics and built to last, these soft and sweet hand puppets are sure to be go-to toys for years to come.

Age 7+

£20.99 each

Stamp Set - Dinosaurs

Includes: 8 dinosaur stamps, 2-color inkpad, 5 colored pencils

Promotes creativity and fine motor skills

Sturdy wooden box for storage

Washable ink

Age 4+


stamp set fairy garden stamp set rain forest stamp set butterfly & hearts stamp set dinosaurs

Stamp Set - Rain Forest

Themed stamp set with everything needed to create and color detailed picture scenes

Includes 20 stamps, 5 colored pencils, durable 2-color stamp pad and wooden storage tray.

Exciting jungle theme

Stamps feature contoured wooden handles and high-quality rubber.

Age 4+


Stamp Set - Fairy Garden

Themed stamp set with everything needed to create and color detailed picture scenes

Includes 20 stamps, 5 colored pencils, durable 2-color stamp pad, and wooden storage tray

Charming fairy-garden theme

Stamps feature contoured wooden handles and high-quality rubber

Age 4+


Stamp Set - Butterflies & Hearts

8 heart and butterfly wooden stamps

Two-color stamp pad

6"H x 5"L x 2"W Packaged

Contains Small Parts

Age 4+



costume knight costume construction worker costume doctor costume fire chief costume astronaut costume pirate costume princess costume royal princess costume vet


Dress-up-and-play set's with everything a child needs to look the part, plus exciting accessories to spur imaginative play

High-quality materials ensure durability and safety

Age 3-6

£25.99 each



Construction Worker

Fire Chief

Royal Princess






sound puzzle pets sound puzzle nursey rhymes sound puzzle old macdonalds farm sound puzzle farm sound puzzle vehicles sound puzzle zoo animals

Sound Puzzles

Each piece makes a different sound as its puzzle piece is placed correctly

Lift to expose light sensor, then replace (cover sensor) to hear sound

Improves matching and listening skills as well as manual dexterity.

8.75" x 11.75" x 1"

Ages 2+

Age 2+

£12.99 each

Zoo Animals




Old MacDonald Farm

Nursery Rhymes

Wooden Toys

Fold & Go Stable

With a decorative green "shingled" roof, this wooden stable provides a happy home for four plastic horses. When open, your little farmer or equestrian has easy access to the hayloft, with its wooden ladder and four bales of "hay." There's a stall for each of the four included horses, lots of sliding and swinging doors and a folding corral to keep the horses in the barnyard. Four horses included.

Age 3+


fold and go princess castle fold and go castle fold and go mini dolls house fold and go stable

Fold & Go Mini Dolls House

Enjoy a "home away from home" with this delightful wooden dollhouse. Two flexible, wooden play figures live in this house, complete with 11 pieces of wooden furniture. The dollhouse opens for easy access and folds closed for convenient storage.

Age 3+


Fold & Go Knights Castle

It's easy to man the battlements in this compact, decorative wooden castle! The king and queen have thrones and a royal bed, and two knights with horses to defend them and their treasure chest. The castle includes a working drawbridge, a dungeon and a handle for portable adventures!

Age 3+


Fold & Go Princess Castle

This charming wooden castle, with convenient carrying handle, is perfect for your little princess. Its beautifully detailed exterior opens easily to reveal a royal palace furnished with four pieces of regal furniture and two horses. The prince and princess who live here are sure to live happily ever after!

Age 3+


Pound & Roll Tower

Pound the four balls through the holes and watch them roll down the ramps

Brightly colored, smooth-sanded pieces help build early shape, color, and size differentiation skills

Sturdy wood construction

Age 2+


door bell house wooden latches board pound a peg pound and roll tower

Pound a Peg

Pound the eight colorful wooden pegs into the wooden frame, then flip it over to repeat the activity again and again! Included are a wooden hammer and four pairs of pegs--great for color matching.

Age 2+


Latches Board

Activity play board helps kids build dexterity as they figure out how 6 different latches work

Smooth-sanded, solid-wood board features fun surprises behind the opening doors and windows

Latches hook, snap, click, and slide

Helps build fine and gross motor skills while little ones discover vibrant colors, numbers, animals, and more

Age 3+


Doorbell House

Ding Dong! Fun is at the door of this soundly-built wooden doorbell house. Four electronic doorbell sounds, four unique locks with matching keys, and four pose-able play people are included with this charming cottage! The keys are attached to the house so they won't get lost, and the sturdy handle allows this exciting house party to go wherever children go!

Age 3+


Deluxe Pounding Bench

The pegs on the bench go up and down, playing peekaboo on this solid wood pounding activity. Non-removable pegs take turns showing their smiles while your toddler has fun naming the colors and practicing fine motor skills. A sturdy mallet is included.

Age 2+


deluxe pounding becnh car transporter magnetic car loader race car carrier

Race Car Carrier

Oversize wooden car carrier loaded with a fleet of wooden race cars.

Includes cab, trailer, and 6 numbered race cars in 6 unique designs.

Over 2.5 feet when extended

Double-decker trailer converts for easy loading and unloading.

Great for fine motor skills, gross motor skills, counting, color recognition, and narrative thinking.

Age 3+


Magnetic Car Loader

Sturdy wooden vehicle set for hours of loading and unloading fun

Includes red truck with magnetic arm, car-carrier trailer, and 4 magnetic wooden cars

Unique colors and numbers on each car inspire counting, sorting, and sequencing.

Detachable trailer features stabilizing tracks to keep cars in place while truck is in motion

Great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Age 3+


Car Carrier

Wooden playset with a truck that picks up and delivers four colorful cars

Cars are compatible with all standard wooden train tracks.

Easy-load and lower ramps provide two levels for the vehicles.

Quality wooden construction

Encourages motor skills and imaginative play.

Age 3+


cutting fruit set food groups

Wooden Food Groups

Sturdy wooden food set featuring items from the five food groups for healthy pretend play

Includes watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, and more

Stores neatly in four wooden crates

Fun and educational whether as a stand-alone or as part of a play kitchen

Age 3+


Wooden Cutting Fruit

17-piece play-food set with wooden knife

Pieces store in attractive wooden crate

Beautifully painted pieces feature realistic details

Perfect for pretend play and introducing concepts of part and whole

Self-stick tabs hold pieces together, then "slice" apart with satisfying crunch sound

Age 3+