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Our philosophy on our products is to stock traditional wooden toys, educational toys & games and craft items.


Our suppliers listed alphabetically are:

Asmodee, BigJigs Toys, Brainstorm, Depesche, Djeco, Fiesta Crafts, Floss & Rock, Galt, Great Gizmos, Gibsons Games, Hippy Chick, House of Marbels, Hornby, Jura Toys, John Adams, Keel Toys, Keycraft, Learning Resources, Little Timbers, Mary Meyer, Melissa & Doug, Orange Tree Toys, Orchard Toys, Panopoly, Rachel Ellen, Schleich, Skip Hop, Spirit of Air, Smart Games, Steiff, Tomy, University Games, Winning Moves.

Please click on the suppliers icon to see what products we stock and a description of the items and price.


Please note that some of the images may differ slightly to what we stock.


We do not have an online ordering system but if you have seen something on our website, or even in the shop on your visit then please give us a call or send an email and we can check availability. If we have the item in stock, we can then arrange for the item to be posted out to you.


Alternatively we can reserve an item for you to pick up, payment will be required for item to be reserved.


Asmodee - One of our fun games supplier, with the likes of Dobble, Bananagrams, Monopoly, Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, Dixit, Carcassonne & Cobra Paw to name but a few.


BigJigs Toys - manufacturer of wooden toys, BigJigs rail sets & accessories, baby & toddler toys. Supplier of the Green Toys range and educational games

brainstorm depesche

Brainstorm - educational supplier of binoculars, microscopes, fun torch & projectors & glow stars. Also supplier of the Stikbot range.

Depsche - this where we get our Top Model books, diaries, jewellery boxes & accessories, along with Dino World, Monster Cars, Ylvi & the Mini Moomins and Miss Melody.

djeco fiesta crafts

Djeco -  specialising in highly imaginative and creative children’s toys, creatinmg traditional toys with a fresh modern look such as scratch art, origami and crafts.

Fiesta Crafts - supplier of traditional toys with a contemporary twist! , Magnetic Activities, Baby Toys, Preschool Toys, Glue-free reusable stickers, Fabric Wall Hangings and more!

floss & rock galt

Floss & Rock -  colour changing umbrellas and beautiful childrens jewellery boxes along with lovely boxed tea sets.

Galt - craft kits, couloring books, pens, pencils, water magic books, and baby toys. Also a range of science kits.

gibsons great gizmos

Gibsons Games - the I Love 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles and traditional 1000 piece jigsaws and games.

Great Gizmos - a range of science kits, buzz wire, intruder alarm, spy science and many more. Also the mould and paint range.

hippy chick hornby

Hippy Chick - supplier of the Wheely Bugs and Happy Hopperz

Hornby - we stock a range of Airfix kits, Quick build kits and the die cast Chunkies and a small selection of Scalectrix.

house of marbels john adams

House of Marbles - traditional games like Tiddlywinks, Jacks, Dominoes, Marble game, Also wood slide whistle, harmonica and Kazoo along with pocket kites.

John Adams - loads of games, Rummikib, Triominoes, Grabola, Othello, Great Game of Britain & the London Tavel Game and more !

juratoys keycraft

Juratoys - the very popular magnetic dart games and the la la boom range.

Keycraft - pocket money toys, to numerous to mention all

learning resources little timbers

Learning Resources - educational toys including magnets, magnifying glasses, play money and of course Play Foam.

Littletimbers - our range of wonderful wall clocks, all with silent motions, no ticking.

mary meyer melissa & doug

Mary Meyer - a wonderful range of baby comforters and soft toys along with the Taggies range.

Melissa & Doug - traditional wooden toys, food, vehicle sets and the very popular role play outfits.

orange tree toys orchard toys

Orange Tree Toys - beautiful wooden toys, skittle sets, pull alongs, push alongs, jigsaws and vehicles.

Orchard Toys - leading manufacturer of educational games and puzzles where learning is made fun.

panopoly rachel ellen

Panopoly UK - a range of springy bouncy animals for a childs room

Rachel Ellen Designs - secret diaries, storage tins, money boxes, note books, couloring books, writing sets, hair bobbles and grips along with a range of birthday cards and wrapping paper

schleich skip hop

Schleich - producer of handpainted toy figurines, farm animals, dinosaurs, wildlife and horses.

Skip Hop - baby activity toys, bath toys, plate sets, utensils and back packs.

smart games spirit of air

Smart Games - we stock the IQ pocket games along with the SmartMax the pre-school magnetic construction system suitable for children aged 1 year+

Spirit of Air - a range of kites from traditional to stunt kites. Also a range of gliders and outdoor toys.

steiff Tomy

Steiff - a range of teddy bears and the soft and cuddly range.

Tomy - we stock a arnge of Brittains tractors and the horse and farmer set, along with the John Deere pre school vehicles.

university games winning moves

University Games - a range of board games for the kids  and adults. Also jigsaw puzzles from 100 to 250 piece, David Walliams, Horrible Histories, Where's Wally and Roal Dahl

Winning Moves - we have a range of Top Trump card games, Pass the Pigs and normal Wadingtons playing cards.

keel toys

Keel Toys - soft and cuddly toys, dogs, cats and many more.